JOHN GORDON’S™ Fully Cooked Entrees

Premium Proteins. Perfectly Prepared.

We’d all love to eat better at home, but it takes time to plan, shop, cook and clean-up, and it requires some culinary know-how, too!
Of course, there are carry-out, delivery, or meal kit options, but they get expensive quickly.

Now there are
JOHN GORDON’S™ Fully Cooked Entrees,
available in the Deli Section.

Available in three varieties

Delicious • Convenient • Affordable

Our Products

John Gordon’s entrees are fully cooked and ready-to-eat, so you can:

  • Use as-is on a salad, sandwich, etc.
  • Heat as desired and use as an entrée.
  • Use as the protein in one of your favorite recipes.
John Gordon's Grilled Chicken Breast Package Label

Grilled Chicken Breast

Boneless/Skinlees Breast – Lightly Seasoned
Net wt. 18 oz (1 LB 2 OZ) – 510g

John Gordon's Smoked Turkey Breast Package Label

Smoked Turkey Breast

Sliced – Lightly Seasoned
Net wt. 20 oz (1 LB 4 OZ) – 567g

Our Story

My family has been creating delicious, convenient, and affordable food for three generations.

Working with world-class chefs, we use premium ingredients and
state-of-the-art cooking techniques to offer the finest in at-home dining.

Whether as your entrée or part of one of your own specialties, we’re proud to be on your table.

All the best, from my family to yours –

John Gordon

JOHN GORDON FOODS: a Heritage of Success plus a Hunger for Innovation

As a teenager, John Gordon joined the family business started by his father in 1966. It was a successful company, respected by all, and built on the old school values of hard work, honesty, and product excellence.

John worked hard and learned quickly. He worked in many positions throughout high school and college, and became a plant manager after graduating. His keen intellect, entrepreneurial spirit, and unsurpassed work ethic helped the business continue to grow and excel.

Under John’s eventual leadership following his father’s retirement in 1990, the company has grown exponentially. In moving from a focus on producing bacon to a widely diversified portfolio of proteins and other food products, John Gordon has established himself as an industry leader known for combining the talent and technology typically found in much larger companies with the nimble “make it happen” attitude of an entrepreneurial venture:

  • State-of-the-art information systems and quality control
  • A commitment to sustainability through innovation
  • A team of highly-credentialed chefs leading world-class culinary advances
  • Food prep processes that leverage the most innovative technology in the world, including the largest sous vide facility and the first and only Micvac processing plant in the US.

The quest to be best is ongoing at John Gordon Foods, with everyone committed to the goal of delivering truly delicious food – even “white tablecloth cuisine”—that is convenient and affordable, so everyone can “Eat Better at Home.