John Gordon’s Fully Cooked Entrees: Can I really eat/use these John Gordon’s entrees right out of the package?

YES! They are fully cooked and ready-to-eat. Serve them chilled on a salad, or in a sandwich, or heat them to your desired temperature.

That black tray that the Fresh-Ready Meals and the Fully Cooked Chicken and Turkey breast come in — Can I cook in it?


Fully Cooked Entrees – You can cook in the black tray in the microwave or oven. Do NOT use the black tray on the stove or grill. The tray contains no BPA.

Fresh-Ready Meals – These should be microwaved in the black tray. Do NOT vent, poke holes in, or remove any part of the seal before cooking. The innovative steam-vent is designed to release steam as it cooks, and you will hear it whistle when it is nearly done heating. That means it’s working like it should!

What does “Sous Vide” mean? Do I have to do anything different in preparing a sous vide entree?

No! You do not need to do anything differently when reheating one of our sous vide entrées.

Sous vide – French for “under vacuum” — is a slow-cooking technique using a regulated water bath that maintains an exact, pre-set cooking temperature. It was perfected by top chefs and is frequently used in the kitchens of premium restautants because it is a reliably consistent way to prepare food in advance and hold it at the right temperature without overcooking. It requires specialized equipment and takes more time, so it is not a technique many people use at home – but John Gordon has the largest sous vide processing plant in the U.S., so we’re able to bring you perfectly prepared proteins using this state-of-the-art chef-preferred process!

You mentioned that John Gordon’s is the first to bring the “Micvac” process to the US? What is that exactly and why is it important?

Micvac is the name of a Swedish company that developed a revolutionary process for cooking and sealing food in a way that preserves texture, flavor, and freshness longer and better than other processes. John Gordon was the first to license the technology in the US – AND he presently has exclusive rights to it.

As you may know, air is the enemy of fresh food. With the innovative Micvac process, food can be cooked, sealed and chilled in-pack, incorporating a unique steam-vent that allows all the air to be removed. When the food is later microwaved, the steam-vent whistles as it heats, so you know it is working properly. This new technology ensures food safety while delivering fresh flavor and texture.

Do John Gordon’s Fully Cooked Entrees and Fresh-Ready Meals contain gluten, MSG, allergens, etc.?

Please always refer to the ingredients statement on the back of each John Gordon’s product to find the details.

All John Gordon’s™ products are labeled in accordance with the FDA food labeling requirements, including the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (Title II of Public Law 108-282), which requires foods to be labeled if they contain any major food allergens, including: milk products, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. For fish, crustacean shellfish, and tree nut ingredients, the exact species will be identified on the label.

MSG is an FDA-approved ingredient derived from a fermentation process and sometimes used to enhance flavor. If it is contained in any of our products it will be specifically named on the label (and will NOT be included under the general label “Natural Flavors.”)