Acting as a “resource partner,” LDA is a market based consultancy which provides a variety of affordable, transformative real estate location intelligence services that benefits private as well as public sector clients.

Private Sector Services

In the private sector, our primary Target User Groups include multi unit retail and restaurant owners, new(er) franchisors, and small business owners whose future success may depend, to a large extent, on being able to both identify and subsequently secure “Home Run” locations.

Working as a consultant in the private sector, Location Decision Advisors uses its hands on experience and expertise to provide retail and restaurant clients with the following specialized services:

  • Developing site selection criteria, standards, and guidelines
  • Demographics and Psychographics guidance
  • Design, administration, and evaluation of customer surveys
  • Customer spotting maps
  • Trade area analyses
  • Market penetration and expansion strategies
  • Competition studies
  • Zoning assistance
  • Site selection training
  • Seminars
  • Mobile workshops
  • Writing and negotiating Letters of Intent
  • Lease reviews and negotiations
  • Field and research based second opinions
  • Sales forecasting
  • Coaching