A man standing in a kitchen. He is looking down at the table in front of him where he is preparing a dish. He is wearing glasses and a white chef's jacket and is holding a grater in one hand. To his left and right there are bags filled with cooking ingredients.

Chef Richard brings an impressive 30 years of culinary wisdom and progressive experience to his work on the John Gordon Foods line. Richard is a Culinary Institute of America alumnus with an extensive track record of developing exciting and successful recipes, menus, new products, and restaurant concepts. He has served as Vice President of Food & Beverage and Corporate Chef for many consumer brands, including the Campbell Soup Company, as well as diverse and established restaurants around the world.

Beyond his career, Richard also uses his broad culinary knowledge base to help his community. He volunteers in the Culinary Arts Training Program at The Cathedral Kitchen, helping local residents in need to prepare for careers in foodservice. One of his favorite aspects of being a chef is the camaraderie of sharing food — and its preparation – with others. “I love the shared moments,” Richard explains. “Whether it’s throwing homemade pizza crust with my kids and seeing their faces light up, or gathering around the table with kitchen staff after a busy night and celebrating a successful evening, or making a meal for a group of hurricane victims at a soup kitchen and knowing you’ve improved their day in a special way with your work.”