Summary of the 8th International Symposium
Business Meeting of the 8th International Symposium
IIS-Romania Chapter
Summary and Program for Central European Division 2004 Meeting
Summary of the 17th Annual Symposium of the US Central Chapter, June 2004
Summary of UK Group Meeting, October 2003
East China Chapter, Meeting 1999
Announcement of U.S. Chapter Fall Meeting 2004, King of Prussia
Summary of U.S. Chapter Fall Meeting 2002, Somerset, New Jersey

International Symposium

Summary of the 8th International Symposium of the International Isotope Society

The Eighth International Symposium on the Synthesis and Applications of Isotopes and Isotopically Labelled Compounds was held from June 1-5, 2003 at the Marriott Copley Place Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston, the cradle of the American Revolution, provided an ideal setting for the Symposium with it’s numerous points of historical and cultural interest. It is also home to many world famous colleges and universities as well as one of the largest concentrations of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Previous Symposia in this series were held in Kansas City, USA (1982 & 1985), Innsbruck, Austria (1988), Toronto, Canada (1991), Strasbourg, France (1994), Philadelphia, USA (1997) and Dresden, Germany (2000). Over 250 scientists from all over the world attended the meeting with the approximate geographical distribution being: 66% from the USA, 30% from Europe and 4% from other countries. Clearly, even in these times of travel insecurities and economic challenges, this was an international meeting. Accompanying guests and exhibitors brought the total attendance to over 330.

The Symposium program began on Monday morning with opening remarks by David Melillo, the 2003 IIS President, and Barbara Berke, Director of the Massachusetts Department of Economic Development. The scientific program consisted of over 90 oral presentations including 4 plenary and 3 sponsored lectures, The four-day program was divided into 13 parallel sessions and every effort was made to arrange their timing so they would not compete for audience attention. A highlight of the meeting was the Poster Reception held on Tuesday evening, allowing authors and attendees to discuss the results of nearly 100 presentations in a relaxed, collegial setting. With a spacious venue, every poster was able to remain up throughout the week. The Symposium program was greatly enhanced throughout week by the presence of 25 exhibitors with booths in close proximity to the posters, presenting their latest products and services. Rounding out the scientific program were two well-received workshops dealing with cGMP issues in radiosynthesis and analysis, as well as Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS).

The social program began with a Welcoming Reception on Sunday evening in the hotel’s Atrium, overlooking downtown Boston. Given the importance of the Business Meeting, it was held during formal lunch on Tuesday afternoon. Presentations by Regional IIS Chapter Presidents and elected officers to over 200 members in attendance provided a great opportunity to hear first-hand about the society business. Following the meeting attendees enjoyed an open period for rest and relaxation in the Boston area. A highlight of the entire symposium was the Banquet Reception on Wednesday evening at the elegant John F. Kennedy Library overlooking Boston Harbor. Arriving guests first toured the library’s extensive historical collection and then enjoyed a cocktail reception. Dinner followed, during which the Melvin Calvin Award was presented to John R. Jones and an IIS Service Award was given to Rolf Voges. Following these awards Professor David Mindell of M. I. T.’s Deepwater Archeology Lab treated the audience to a captivating lecture on undersea exploration.

Clearly the success of the Symposium was due to many persons too numerous to mention, who selflessly contributed their time, energy and resources on behalf of all the members. The organizing committee, however would like to specifically acknowledge Rick Perullo, who, by his extraordinary effort and dedication over the past four years, greatly contributed to the success of the Symposium. Finally, we especially want to acknowledge the extreme generosity of our sponsors, without whom the Symposium would not have been possible.

We now look forward to the Ninth Triennial Symposium which will be held Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006. The Symposium is being organized by Ken Lawrie, Barry Kent and David Rustidge and we are committed to helping them in any way possible. We look forward to seeing all you in Edinburgh soon.

Dennis C. Dean, Crist N. Filer and Keith E. McCarthy

International Symposium

Business Meeting at 8th International Symposium of the International Isotope Society

International Isotope Society, Business Meeting, Boston Marriott Hotel, Tuesday June 3 2003 1.30pm
Present: Board of Trustees and 110 members
Chair: Dr Dave Mellilo, President 2003
The meeting was opened at 1:30 pm by the President.

1 Officers reports
Dave Mellilo gave a brief summary of the last three years BoT activity. Ken Lawrie (Secretary) presented the membership figures. It was noted that in the last three years there had been some drop off in European membership and that the European chapters should try hard to increase membership. Dick Heys (CFO) presented the budget figures for 2002/3.
2 Chapter reports
The following chapter reports were presented: UK (Ken Lawrie), Central US (John Kennington), Northeast US (Matt Braun), CED (Ulrich Pleiß), Romania (Corina Simion), China (Prof Zonquan Xia). There was no report from Canada but Walter Shymada indicated that the chapter was to be re-activated in 2003.
3 Committee Reports
Alex Susan presented a report from the Constitution and By-Laws Committee describing the new constitution and structure of the IIS management. Dietrich Gantz described the new election process and the results of the 2003 elections. Phil Williams described the history and current status of the Low Level Waste management Committee. Mike Marx gave the report from the Publications committee thanking Sally Betterridge of John Wiley for her help. Mike reported that a paper newsletter was to be sent out once per year and that the web-site was to be used to keep members up to date with current events. Mike urged members to keep him informed of developments and local events.
4 Any Other Business
Bill Wheeler asked why there were no women on the election ballot. DG replied that none were proposed by the members.

Ken Lawrie

Romania Chapter

Annual report 2001
In the year 2001, the IIS-Romania Chapter celebrated 50 years of nuclear chemistry at the Institute for Atomic Physics. This is the place that in the last half of century concentrated the Romanian nuclear research. Most of the chemistry departments are included in the “Horia Hulubei” National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (belonging to IAP). In the last five years this institute held the first place among the Romanian research institutes. On this occasion, between July 2 – 4, 2001 the symposium “50 years of nuclear chemistry in Magurele” was organized. The main organizers were members of the IIS-Romania Chapter form NIPNE’s Radioisotopes Research and Production Department and from “C. D. Nenitzescu” Institute of Organic Chemistry, National NMR Laboratory. We also report as scientific results, published papers and presentations at national and international symposiums and conferences, as well as participation to IAEA contracts, international courses, international collaborations, and others.
See IIS-Romania Activities (pdf file)

Summary of the 12th Conference Central European Division

Bad Soden, Germany
Summary and program are available as a PDF file CED 2004

UK Group

13th IIS (UK Group) Symposium

“Synthesis & Applications of Labelled Compounds 2003”

Dedicated to Dr E A (Tony) Evans (1931-2003) for his contributions to the field of radiochemistry and in particular for the significant advances made in the chemistry and applications of the tritium isotope.

Meeting Summary

The 13th annual symposium of the International Isotope Society’s United Kingdom Group took place at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK on Thursday 16th October 2003. The meeting was attended by over 100 delegates from academia, life science and fine chemical companies.
Delegates were welcomed by Dr Ken Lawrie, of GlaxoSmithKline, Chairman of the IIS UK group. The scientific programme consisted of oral and poster presentations on isotopic chemistry and applications of labelled compounds, or of chemistry with potential implications for isotopic synthesis. Both short-lived and long-lived isotopes were represented, as were stable isotopes. The programme was divided into a morning and afternoon session chaired by Dr Karl Cable (GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK) and Dr Franklin Aigbhirio (Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, University of Cambridge, UK) respectively. This year’s symposium had a large attendance from students. Moreover, an excellent level of sponsorship was achieved, and the symposium proved self-financing. The meeting venue proved very popular and will remain unchanged for the next IIS UK group symposium which is planned for 4th November 2004. Abstracts from the symposium will be published in full in an upcoming issue of Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals.

Meeting Programme

  • Prof. Stephen Caddick [University College London, UK]
    – Studies on the chromoprotein antibiotic neocarzinostatin
  • Prof. Sharon Stone-Elander [Karolinska Institute, Sweden]
    – The “special effects” of microwaving in radiochemistry
  • Dr. Simon Patching [University of Leeds, UK]
    – Stable isotopes and membrane transport proteins, chemical synthesis and biochemical analysis by solid state NMR
  • Dr. Jason Eames[Queen Mary College, London, UK]
    – Synthetic aspects of the C-deuteration of enolates
  • Dr. Alan Spivey[Imperial College, London, UK]
    – Opportunities for isotope labelling via solid phase synthesis with organogermanium linkers
  • Dr. Ian Blagbrough [University of Bath, UK]
    -Labelled methyllycaconitine (MLA) – a key nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligand
  • Dr Jim Ballinger [Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK]
    – Challenges in preparation of radiolabelled drugs for nuclear medicine
  • Dr. Gary Shemilt[Amersham, Cardiff, UK]
    -The synthesis of carbon 14-labelled PEGs
  • Dr Julian Knight [University of Newcastle, UK]
    -Development of palladium catalysed carbonylations for asymmetric synthesis
  • Dr Neil Geach[Scynexis, Ongar, UK] –
    The versatility of labelled cyanide

East CHina Chapter

The East China Chapter has decided to hold a meeting in May of 1999 in Shanghai. The main topic of the meeting is
“Basic research and clinical imaging of receptors” and covers the following items:
1.Basic research of receptors and post-receptor signal transduction.
2.Receptors and diseases.
3.Pharmacology of receptors and post-receptor signal transduction.
4.Radiopharmaceuticals for receptor imaging.
5.SPECT of receptors.
6.PET of receptors.
7.New techniques in nuclear medicine.

The meeting will be a collaboration of the East China Chapter of IIS and the Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine. People from countries other than China are welcome to attend the meeting. Please contact Dr.Yaer Hu (secretary of East China Chapter) before the end of 1998 (preferentially with abstract) at the following address:
Research Laboratory of Cell Regulation, Shanghai Second Medical University,
Shanghai 200025, People’s Republic of China.
Tel no.0086-021-63846590, ext 418;
Fax no. 0086-021-63842916;
e-mail address:

The language of this meeting will be both English and Chinese.

Zongqin Xia, MD, Professor of Nuclear Medicine, Director of Research Laboratory of Cell Regulation, Chief of the organizing committee of the meeting.

Northeast US Chapter

Announcement for the Northeast U.S. Chaoter Fall Meeting, October 2004

Dear Colleague:

It is our pleasure to invite you to the fall 2004 meeting of the Northeast Chapter of the International Isotope Society, hosted by IsoSciences, LLC. The meeting will be held on October 28th and 29th at the Sheraton Park Ridge in King of Prussia, PA. Please return the attached registration form with payment no later than September 15, 2004.

In keeping with the format of past meetings, Thursday evening will feature an informal reception, poster session, and vendor exhibition. We look forward to the participation of our vendors who are key aspect of our meetings. If you are interested in exhibiting or a sponsorship please return the attached forms. Friday’s technical session will follow past formats and will feature a wide variety of talks concerning synthesis and applications of isotopically labeled compounds. Posters and vendor exhibits will remain on display during the day. If you are interested in either an oral or a poster presentation, please complete the attached form. Abstracts should be submitted electronically to us as a Microsoft Word document by September 15, 2004 and should fit on a single 8.5” x 11” page with 1.25” left margin and a 1” margin on the remaining sides.

The hotel has set aside rooms for Thursday night at the discount rate of $109.00 (plus tax). Please make your own hotel reservations by September 28th, 2004 indicating that you are part of the International Isotope Society/IIS group in order to receive the rate. Reservations can be made by phone (610-337-1800).

I hope you will be able to attend the meeting and we are looking forward to your participation. Please contact us at 610-519-6343 or at if you need further information.


Scott Landvatter & David Saunders
IsoSciences, LLC 2004 Registration

Summary of the Northeast U.S. Chapter Fall Meeting, October 2002

The Twentieth Meeting of the Northeast Chapter of the International Isotope Society was held October 10-11, 2002 at the Somerset Marriott, Somerset, New Jersey. The meeting was attended by 104 participants from industry, academia, and vendors. The meeting format was consistent with past events and was kicked off with a reception on Thursday evening featuring an abundance of food and drink together with a poster session and vendor exhibits. Approximately 80 registrants attended the reception, 8 posters were presented, and 14 vendors set up exhibits/booths.
An IIS business meeting was presided over by Dr. Michael May. Dr. May presented a treasurer report and held votes on the occurrence of a regional meeting in 2003 as well as election of the next Chapter President. It was decided that with the International meeting being held in Boston, June 1-5, 2003 there would be no fall regional meeting. The next Northeast Regional meeting will thus take place in fall 2004 the organizer/s and location of which have not yet been decided.. The business meeting was closed with the election of Dr. Matthew Braun as Northeast Chapter President for 2002-2004. A limited number of abstract books are available for those who are interested. Please direct requests and inquiries to
Matt Braun

7:00 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by Amersham Biosciences
8:00 a.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:10 a.m. Professor Robert Curley, Ohio State University
“Stable Analogs of Retinoid Glucuronides and Stereoselective Stable Isotope Labeling of Amino Acids”
9:00 a.m. Dr. John Jasper, Molecular Isotope Technologies, LLC
“Stable Isotopic Profiling of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients”
9:30 a.m. Coffee Break
Sponsored by ViTrax
10:00 a.m. Dr. Alexander Susan, International Isotopes Clearing House
“Preparation of Tritium-Labeled BIIL260 with High Specific Radioactivity”
10:30 a.m. Dr. Bill Griggs, ChemSyn Laboratories
“Radiochemical GMP: What is it? …Who needs it? …and Why?”
11:00 a.m. Dr. Robert Graves, Amersham Biosciences
“Increasing Throughput in ADMET Assays using Scintillation Proximity Assay and the LEADseaker Homogeneous Imaging System”
11:20 a.m. IIS Business Meeting – Dr. Michael May
11:45 a.m. Lunch Break
1:15 p.m.. Dr. Dennis Dean, Organizing Committe
Update on the International Meeting (Boston, 2003)
1:30 p.m.. Dr. Philip Williams,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
“Report of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Committee and Regulatory Changes in the Pipeline for Tritiated Mixed Waste”
2:00 p.m.. Dr. Chad Elmore, Merck Research Labs
“The Synthesis of Several Labeled forms of Aprepitant”
2:30 p.m.. Coffee Break & Ice Creamery
Sponsored by PerkinElmer Life Sciences
3:00 p.m.. Dr. Paul Sylvester, PerkinElmer Life Sciences
“Yttrium-90 Production at PerkinElmer Life Sciences”
3:30 p.m.. Closing Remarks

Central U.S.S Chapter

Summary of the 17th Annual Symposium of the US Central Chapter of the International Isotope Society, Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 10-11, 2004

The Seventeenth Central US Chapter Meeting and Symposium of the IIS was held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 10-11, 2004. The scientific meeting was hosted by the organizers (Pfizer: WT Stolle, JA Easter, Z Jian, VK Mahindroo, BD Maxwell, MB Skaddan, Y Zhang) with major sponsor support from Pfizer Global Research and Development. The venue was similar to past meetings with oral presentations on Thursday afternoon followed by a vendor convention and reception in the evening. Poster presentations were highlighted as part of the main program, with oral poster sessions A,B,C, and D, 10 minutes in duration each, covering 12 posters. Friday morning began with opening remarks from Simon Ball Ph.D., Pfizer Senior Director of Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics, and Metabolism, and invited speakers from Pfizer (Larry Wienkers Ph.D., Abdul Mutlib Ph.D.) and the University of Michigan (Prof. Michael Kilbourn, Prof. Scott Snyder). Lunch was followed by a brief business meeting led by chapter president Brad Maxwell. Officer elections for 2005 were held; president: Frank White (Lilly), secretary: Mary Hansen (GE Healthcare), and treasurer: Rose Marie Deibel (Proctor & Gamble). The June 2005 meeting will be organized by Mike Marx (EaglePicher Pharmaceuticals) and Alexander Susan (International Isotope Clearing House) and is planned to be held in Kansas City, MO. Friday afternoon concluded with an oral presentation and an update on the “Low Level Waste Committee” by chairperson Brad Keck (Proctor & Gamble). The symposium presentations are listed below.

Final Program

Oral Podium Presentations:
Crist N. Filer, Ph.D., Perkin Elmer “Interesting Excursions in the Isotopic Labeling of Useful Compounds”

Yinsheng Zhang, Ph.D., Pfizer “A Novel Asymmetric Synthesis of Tritium and Carbon-14 Labeled (R)-Ibuprofen”

William J. Wheeler, Ph.D., Eli Lilly “The Preparation of the Tritiated Isotopomer of LY520303, a Potent Group 2 and 3 Metabatropic Glutamate Receptor Agonist”

Larry Wienkers, Ph.D., Pfizer “Application of Radiolabeled Molecules in Drug Discovery”

Abdul Mutlib, Ph.D., Pfizer “Application of Stable-labeled Isotopes in Mechanistic Metabolism Studies. Case Studies

Prof. Michael Kilbourn, University of Michigan Medical School “Radionuclide Imaging of In Vivo Stem Cell Trafficking”

Prof. Scott Snyder, University of Michigan Medical School “A Reversible EGFR Inhibitor, [11C]Circ: A Radiotracer for Tumor Imaging”

Zhigang Jian, Ph.D., Pfizer “Synthesis of Stable Isotope Labeled PNU-95666”

Brad Keck, Ph.D. , Procter & Gamble) “Update on Low Level Waste”

Oral Poster Presentations:
A1.Richard Heys, Mark Powell and Don Pivonka (AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals), “Raman Spectroscopy for monitoring Tritiation Reactions”
A2.Cheryl S. Mattingly and Boris A. Czeskis (Eli Lilly & Co.) “The Synthesis of Muscarinic-1 Agonist (R,R)-N-(4-Fluorobenzyl)-N-methyl-N’-(1-(4-([2H5]- phenyl)benzoylamino)-2-hydroxyindan-6-yl)-acetamidine”
A3.Dunlong Jian and Surendra Gupta (American Radiolabeled Chemicals), “The Synthesis of 3-5-Dimethylanaline-[Ring-14C(U)]”

B1Verinder K. Mahindroo and Charles S. Markos (Pfizer), “Strategies in the Synthesis of Carbon-14 Labeled HIV-Protease Inhibitor Compounds”
B2.R. Aleks Davis, J. David Cornpropst, Jason T. Johnson, Charles Mitch, Steve J. Quimby, Lisa A. Shipley, Theresa G. Skaggs, William J. Wheeler, Douglas J. O’Bannon (Eli Lilly & Co.), “The Synthesis of Zanoemline, Zanomeline Metabolites, and their Isotopomers”
B3.Dunlong Jian and Surendra Gupta (American Radiolabeled Chemicals), “The Synthesis of 6-Methylanthranilic Acid-[Methyl-14C]”

C1.Michael C. Spence and Douglas D. O’Bannon (Eli Lilly & Co.), “Synthesis of Stable Labeled and Tritiated Isotopomers of an AMPA Potentiator”
C2.Alexander B. Susan, Nikolay F. Myasoedov (IICH, Inc and Institutes of Molecular Genetics), “Tritium Labeling Capabilities at the Laboratory of Isotope Labeled Biologically Active Compounds”
C3.Dunlong Jian and Surendra Gupta (American Radiolabeled Chemicals), “The Synthesis of Estradiol-[4-14C] and Estrone-[4-14C]”

D1.Cheryl S. Mattingly and Boris A. Czeskis (Eli Lilly & Co.), “The Synthesis of AMPA Potentiator (S)-4-([2H3,13C]-Methylaminocarbonyl)-4′-(2-fluoro-3- (prop-2- ylsulfonylamido)prop-2-yl)-biphenyl and its metabolite (S)-4-carboxyl-4′-(2-fluoro- 3-(prop-2-ylsulfonylamido) prop-2-yl)-2,3,5,6-[2H4]-biphenyl”
D2.Dunlong Jian and Surendra Gupta (American Radiolabeled Chemicals), “The Synthesis of Phenanthrene-[ring-14C(U)]”
D3.Dunlong Jian and Surendra Gupta (American Radiolabeled Chemicals), “The Synthesis of Fluoroanthrene-[benzene ring-14C(U)]”