6th International Meeting    September 1997 Philadelphia
Central USA  June 1996 St.Louis
Northeast USA   Fall 1996 Mystic, CN
Central USA   May 1997 Indianapolis
Central USA  May 1998 Ann Arbor, MI
Canada Chapter  May 1998 Ottawa
Northeast USA  Fall 1998 Princeton
United Kingdom Group May 1999 Harlow, UK

Extended abstracts for subsequent IIS local chapter meetings are now submitted to and published by the Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals. These can be found in the printed issues and also via the Journal’s website.


Meeting Date


Joint CED & UK June 1998 JLCR41(11), 1017, 1998
Central USA May 1999 JLCR42(9), 885, 1999
Central European Division June 1999 JLCR42(10), 987, 1999
13th Int.Symp.Radiopharm.Chemistry June 1999 JLCR42 Suppl. 1, 987, 1999
Central European Division, 9th Conference June 2001 JLCR44 947-85, 2001
Central European Division, 10th Conference June 2002 JLCR432002