The Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Committee of the International Isotope Society was formed in the Fall of 1995. The mission of the LLRW Committee is to positively impact the public perception of the use of radioisotopes in research and the responsible disposal of low level radioactive waste.

The Committee would like to hear your ideas on the subjects of LLRW minimization, disposal, recycling, etc. Send your comments to Brad Keck.

The next activity of the LLRW Committee will be:

Symposium on Mixed and Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sheraton Hotel, Overland Park, KS, Thursday, June 9, 2005

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Current Members of the LLRW Committee:

Dr. Brad Keck (Chair) Mr. Gary A. Rotert (Secretary)
Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals Abbott Laboratories
tel: (513)622-2597
tel: (847)937-5563
Dr. Brad Maxwell Dr. Larry Weaner
Pfizer R. W. Johnson Pharmaceuticals
tel: (269)833-4548
tel: (215)628-5604
Dr. Kennedy J. O’Brien Dr. Alexander B. Susan
Perkin-Elmer (NEN) International Isotopes Clearing House, Inc.
tel: (732)775-1541
tel: (913)642-4424
Dr. Walter T. Shmayda
University of Rochester
tel: (585)275-5769

The Minutes of the Committee meetings are available for browsing:

Complete a LLRW Survey Form

If you would like a copy of the Survey Form for Generators of LowLevel Radioactive Waste or Mixed Waste, please contact:
Mr. Hiromi Morimoto Phone: 510-486-7336
National Tritium Labelling Facility Fax: 510-486-4877
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory E-mail:
One Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA 94720, U.S.A.