The International Isotope Society is a chartered, international organization independent of special interests groups or companies, makers or users of isotopes (radioactive or stable), etc. It is run entirely by the enthusiastic and unselfish dedicated volunteer work of its members.

Its major areas of interest are the synthesis and applications of isotopicaly labeled compounds; the analysis and purification of isotopicaly labeled compounds; the applications of isotopes in various fields of science, industry as well as medicine; and uses in the discovery of new drugs.

The makers and users of isotopes have developed the Society as an international forum representing their specific needs to present their achievements and consult directly on their common denominator – the preparation and applications of isotopes. The Journal of Labeled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals is the official journal of the Society.

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Our Mission

The mission and principal aims of the International Isotope Society are to encourage throughout the scientific community the advancement in knowledge of the synthesis, measurement, and applications of isotopes and isotopically labeled compounds through the effective promotion of awareness and actions on key issues by providing a communications network and forum through its membership.

Overall, the International Isotope Society aims to promote the uses of isotopes and isotopically labeled compounds for studies to further improve the quality of life worldwide.